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Last evening we held April 2017 our bi-monthly CW Meeting. We had 17 people in attendance. Sgt. Steven Perkins represented the Rockingham Sheriff's Department.

We discussed recent "snooping" that has taken place the past 2 weeks here at Winsome, both occurred in the early morning hours. Two young people were seen loitering around homes on Winsome Laurel and Winged Elm. Sheriff's deputies were called in one instance, and responded quickly. During the second incident, two people were seen running between houses on Winged Elm. Nothing was taken/damaged either time, and the individuals fled before police arrived. Sgt Perkins said "most" house break-ins occur during daytime, while people are at work. It is unusual that these incidents occurred during the night. He urged homeowners to use flood lights/sensor lights at night, and always keep your homes/cars/ sheds locked. In addition, always call 911 and report any such activities.

Sgt Perkins talked about all the scams that are going on around our area. He said if someone comes to your door, do not let him/her into your house unless they have shown you authentic ID. Moreover, if they offer something that "is too good to be true" - then it probably is a scam. He said Rockingham County is experiencing an unusual amount of phone and door-to-door scams this year.

Summertime is here and a lot of us are working in our yards, using expensive lawn equipment, etc. Sgt Perkins cautioned all to be vigilant, keep valuable items locked/chained up when not in use. And when in use, be careful if you leave equipment outside during your

water/lunch/rest break - thieves watch for you to go in the house, then grab your equipment in a matter of seconds.

Please make note of two dates for near-by events here at Winsome Forest:

May 6 - Community Yard Sale (more info later)
May 14 - Pool Opening (get pool key from Joe White if needed)
Darin Quesinberry, CW Captain
Joe White, Director

Community Watch Chairman

Winsome Forest HOA
Darin Quesinberry
CW Captain

Neighborhood Watch Program

Our bi-monthly Community Watch Meeting will be held next Tuesday, April 4 at 6:30 PM at the fire station just outside our front entrance. We encourage all new neighbors to attend to learn more about our security activities here at Winsome. And we look forward to seeing all our long time neighbors as well!

The meeting will be held at 6:30 PM at the fire station just outside our main entrance on Hwy 158. Please mark your calender to attend this 30-45 minute meeting.

Darin QuesinberryBR>Darin Quesinberry
CW Captain

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